Company Information

Focus: HOPE Industries, Inc. (FHI) provides advanced manufacturing research, development, and engineering services to the automotive, defense, and other industries. We also provide low volume contract manufacturing and prototype fabrication of precision-machined components. Through our association with Focus: HOPE’s Center for Advanced Technologies (CAT), our staff of engineers, scientists, technicians, and engineering students has been serving our customers since 1983. Working side-by-side with the FHI engineers, scientists, and technicians, the undergraduate CAT students are employed full-time and are integrally involved with our R&D and manufacturing activities.

Focus: HOPE Industries is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

Current and Recent Projects

FHI-developed bimetallic friction stir process patent pending


Mobile laser metal deposition module readied for deployment


Near-net-shape fabrication using Rene 80 alloy


Material characterization of the distinct weld zones of aluminum alloy friction stir joints