Laser Metal Deposition (LMD)

What is LMD? The LMD process combines the high energy of a laser beam with the precision of a CNC system to melt a metered stream of alloy powder. The metal deposit can be layered in a linear pattern to create a cladding of dissimilar metal or can replace previously removed damaged metal with new metallurgically-bonded alloy. As a form of additive manufacturing and being similar to 3D printing of polymer components, LMD can also be used to produce near-net-shape metal components having intricate geometric shapes and curved surfaces.

Our LMD R&D Services

  • Feasibility investigations of LMD applied to your products
  • Process development for your part’s design
  • Metallurgical analysis and testing to confirm strength
  • Prototype fabrication; one to limited pre-production runs
  • Repair tooling, dies, molds, and other high value components


Our Successes

Remanufactured Military Vehicle Wheel Spindles

We’ve developed a remanufacturing process which removes worn or corroded metal using standard CNC machining methods, uses LMD to replace that material with a compatible super alloy, and finally machines the deposit area to OEM requirements. The spindles no longer need to be scrapped and replaced with new units, which provides a 20-50% cost savings. Furthermore, the deposition of a super alloy at the specific part location that is susceptible to wear will future degradation.




Mobile Robotic LMD System

As an extension of our development of portable remote manufacturing modules for the U.S. Army, we have designed and constructed a system for the U.S. Navy which allows for the field application of laser-aided additive manufacturing for the repair, refurbishment, and production of components.